Design and development of the EifFE-L LMS

The project is driven by the concepts of openness, interoperability, and re-use. According to the ADL recommendation, the Eiffe-l platform is SCORM 1.2 compliant. According to general criteria of platform-independence and accessibility, the Eiffe-l system is XHTML 1.0 and WCAG 1.0 validated. For easy integration with legacy systems the Eiffe-l system has a full support to LDAP for interoperability with third party directory services. The Eiffe-l system supports multi-language interfaces and contents.
According to local government policy and directives, the Eiffe-l system is fully compliant with the Italian laws and technical rules to be followed in terms of accessibility levels (recently regulated by D.M. 08/07/2005 of Italian Innovation Ministry, inspired to W3C WCAG 1.0 and U.S.A Section 508 Rehabilitation Act). Italian regulation follows the European community directives about e-learning standards so that the Eiffe-l system is ready to run in all EC countries. Some of the adopted solutions make it an open solution project too. It is composed by several components each of the ones can be changed and reconfigured depending on specific needs of end-users.


From an architectural point of view, the Eiffe-l platform is based on the well known three-tiers model: data, logic, and presentation layers are managed at different levels. Communication among these levels is implemented by means of standard interfaces and protocols making it an open system easy to integrate. Another key point is that the Eiffe-l platform is designed to be scalable and to meet high performance standards in terms of maximum concurrent connections supported and efficiency as well.
The architecture of the system can be split into the following main components: